Company Profile
  Denco Highway Construction Corp.
PO Box 129
Mingo, IA 50168

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Company Profile
Areas Serving:
State of Iowa
Year Established:
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What We Do

• PCC & HMA Joint & Crack Sealing • PCC Full & Partial Depth Patching • HMA Crack Filling • Class A Bridge Deck Repair • Pressure Grouting • MudJacking • PCC & HMA Rumble Strips • Paverx Asphalt Rejuvenator • Slurry Leveling • Soil Stabilization


What We Offer

• Competitive Wages • Paid Travel Expenses • Health Insurance • 401k

Career Path:

Where Do You Want to Go?

At Denco we believe that excellence begins with a loyal workforce. As a result, we strive to create an environment where employees will feel both challenged and rewarded. Employees who show dedication and initiative are provided with an excellent opportunity for career advancement and growth.

Community Info:

Where Do You Want to Be?

Denco is based in Mingo, Iowa, less than thirty miles east of downtown Des Moines. Mingo gets the best of both worlds by being close to big city attractions yet maintaining a small town atmosphere.

Minorities and Women encouraged to apply.
Equal Opportunity Employer